Every year, 3rd January is marked as WORLD PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS DAY 

This day is to perpetuate the  memories of my guru’s Late Prof. Chitta Mitra, the Father of Pharma Brand Management and Late Prof. Tarun Gupta. 

3rd January 2012 was the day when Prof. Chitta Mitra left for heavenly abode.

The upcoming WORLD PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS  DAY-2021 is an e-Colloquium planned in association with PharmaState Academy, we intend having a Bouquet of Pharma Brand Management Activities on WORLD PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS DAY – 2021, commencing 11.00 am on 3rd January 2021.

Dr. Sanjoy Mitra will inaugurate the e-Colloquium

Marketing Guru Sandeep Bhattacharya will speak on "Data Driven Marketing - Creating Brands that Last"

Strategy to to Strategy Execution: Ashish Mukherjee a brand wizard,  will present a case study on how Allegra was launched.

Key to Successful Strategy Execution - How seven mega brands were launched in the 20th Century (Starting 1950’s with Becosules) and the 21st Century! 

Straight from those who executed the strategy! 

-  Bhaskar Chakravarty will speak on Becosules 

-  T. Narayanan on Metrogyl 

-  Pramod Rajput on Aciloc 

-  Kanwaljeet Chopra on Revital 

-  Amlesh Ranjan on Cardace 

-  Pankaj Srivastav on Lantus 

-  Bhavesh Vyas on Januvia / Janumet

This will be followed by clips from doctors who will share what the feel about the launch!

All are welcome to join 



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