Announcing - An Important Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

We are happy to keep you updated that ‘Centre of Excellence in Healthcare, SIES College of Management Studies’ and ‘The Enablers’ have joined hands to offer development programs for your sales and marketing personnel.

This is a very prestigious Certification Program conducted jointly by SIESCOMS, ranked by Bombay Management Association as the best business school in Mumbai  and 'The Enablers'. 

These programs would blend the latest academic concepts with pragmatic insights drawn from our rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer a 4-step certification program for First-line Managers of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Objectives of this program

Our certification program for First-line Managers is to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to lead a team to excellence. Upon successfully passing the four-tier certification course he/she will be able to lead his to team to the next level.

This certificate course prepares him/her from selling to managing to leading and then consolidating in today's hyper-competitive age. The participants will learn basic theoretical foundations that will enable them to lead performing sales teams.

This certificate course is, spread over four courses with different accreditation levels.

A very important point to note - whatever is the level of accreditation - the Academy for Excellence in Pharma Sales and Marketing Management will not dole out certificates. The participants will have to earn them.

The tests will be extremely stringent especially at the level of Platinum Certification. It will be mandatory to be in the top 95 percentile to be awarded the certificate.

For more details, please do write to us. 

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