Core competencies of 'The Enablers'

Brand Management - Consultancy and Training

Brand Management Consultancy - Branding is the foundation of marketing and is inseparable from business strategy. We help pharmaceutical companies develop successful brands necessary to gain a competitive edge in this over-crowded market. We drive your brands further and help you get the very best from your marketing budget.

We involve ourselves in your brand right from the conceptual stage to the stage of maturity in its life cycle.

Our services include:

  • Designing the Positioning Strategy
  • Developing a Brand Name

  • Preparing and Executing Brand Strategy

  • Evolving a Communication Strategy

  • Writing copy for the brand promotional material
  • Designing the art-work – with innovation and creativity

  • Preparing the brand training material
  • Imparting new product technical and launch training

Training Brand Managers  

This is an essential brand management course for all people in branding. We train brand managers.

 Here is what we would like the brand managers to know.  

  • The primary responsibilities of a brand manager

  • Understanding brand management in the context of the Indian pharmaceutical industry

  • Developing forecasting skills
  • Building brands in the Indian pharmaceutical industry

  • Total communication for brand managers

  • Developing skills in copy-writing  

  • Launching a new product and making it a mega brand

  • How to develop a brand building organization and transform the field-force into enthusiastic brand champions
  • How to conduct cycle meetings

  • The importance of field-work for the brand manager and his role in the field. 

  • Trends in brand management in the Indian pharmaceutical industry

  • Conducting workshops so that fresh brand managers get hands-on experience

Sales Management - Consultancy and Training

Sales management consultancy - Will assure that your mission and vision are translated into reality.

Our expertise includes:

  • Developing sales force effectiveness

  • Expert advice in meeting sales challenges

  • Reducing the rate of attrition of the assets

  • Sales force appraisals

  • Strategies for sales and marketing

  • Strategy execution

  • Developing customer loyalty   

Training the sales force - from medical representatives to senior level sales managers.

Our passion is to develop people. Serving and developing human resources is more important to 'The Enablers' than getting clients. We want to make sure that people take way something valuable and useful for their lives. Our methodology is different - not the routine one-way monologue between the faculty and participants. There are no 'back-benchers' in our methodology.We involve all participant completely during the programs - no one is left out or 'spared'.  Not only is the participant able to deliver the learning's at the workplace, he becomes a better human being - indebted to the company he works for.

We prepare customized modules for pharma companies depending on specific requirements.  Some of the modules we have prepared include:

  • Making joint field work effective
  • Effective field management using the principles of ‘One-Minute Management' 
  • Managing change
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Leadership styles for better management of human resources
  • First-line manager as a brand manager
  • Total communication
  • Principles of written communication
  • Developing communication skills
  • Developing analytical skills
  • Developing analytical skills and analytical thinking
  • Building comprehension skills for effective sales management  
Consultancy services for start-up companies in healthcare industry

We share our rich experience in this industry with budding entrepreneurs who desire to enter the healthcare industry. This includes recruitment of the right people, training them, ensuring strategy execution, and more.

Inspired by Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh is the God of Knowledge.

Lord Ganesh's big ears denote that He can hear and understand Vedantic Truth.

His big head reminds us that we are Spiritual Creatures so we must 'Think Big'.

His small mouth denotes that He talks less. So must we: Talk less

His large ears mean that He listens more. So must we: Listen more

His small eyes urge us to 'focus'. Besides His small eyes denote a subtle vision!

The long trunk of an elephant has the quality of being able to uproot a tree, and at the same time pick up a tiny needle from a haystack. This is again a quality attributed to the Lord, as we believe that in spite of His great power, the tiniest creature does not pass unnoticed by Him.

The mouse though small can play havoc. Lord Ganesh has him under His control. 

The Prasad offered to Lord Ganesh symbolizes material and spiritual wealth.

As the Lord's mode of transport, the rat increases the difficult task that a spiritual person faces when treading on the 'Way to the Almighty'. A rat keeps nibbling all the time just like our senses which are never satisfied. The wise man rides on his senses. He keeps them under control.



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