Total Communication©: The DNA of Effective Communication


The latest concept for effective communication practices - Total Communication© 


“There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say and how we say it.” ~ Dale Breckenridge Carnegie

This is the essence of Total Communication©.

Total Communication© looks at all the facets of communication and makes the book unique.

The book is organized into two sections.

In Section I, you will learn about Total Communication©.

In Section II, you can apply the lessons from Total Communication©.

This book is presented in a delightful and playful way. While a Sunday brunch has become the in-thing in today’s social life in India, the circle of book aficionados is becoming smaller and smaller. For the next nine weeks, your study table gets its dash of verve with elaborate platters, making sizzling reading to sharpen your communication skills.

Your brunch platter will see a flurry of activities.

That makes your Sunday brunch quintessential and delicious.

For the book epicurean, our Sunday brunch is all about a leisurely outing, which isn't feasible during weekdays. The brunch will start with a hors d'oeuvre and end with dessert. You may nibble, gnaw, and chew over it for a week and then digest it. Midweek, you may be offered Chewing Gum – take some time out to chew on it.

If you need a digestive aid, the exercises given at the end of the Sunday Brunch will work like enzymes. You will then be able to fully digest what you have learned.

What makes these Sunday Brunches interesting is that they contain essential nourishment to help you overcome the barriers in communication and get fresh inspiration. For instant gratification put into practice what you learn immediately.

For those who are emotionally challenged, this little book will provide the basics of relating to people in ways that, at the very least, won’t be offensive.

This book is for professionals in sales and marketing who wish to make exponential progress in their careers.

Yugadi (Gudi Padva): 21 March 2015 

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