Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the services available at 'The Enablers'?

A. Our focus is on human resources development in the pharmaceutical industry across Asia and Africa. We offer brand and sales management consultancy services. 

We also conduct learning workshops for the brand managers and the sales managers of the pharma industry, with special focus on the first-line leaders. 

Many small and medium-sized companies outsource their brand management and sales management requirements to 'The Enablers'.

Q. What other activities do 'The Enablers' undertake?


  1. Training and development programs for the most important persons in the hierarchy, first-line managers.
  2. We organize developmental programs and workshops for pharmaceutical brand managers.
  3. We carry out new product launches including training the sales force on technical skills (product knowledge).
  4. We offer classroom training to newly recruited medical representatives in your organization.
  5. We specialize in training freshly promoted medical representatives to become effective first-line managers.

Q. Are you into placement services?

A. No! We are not a placement agency

As mentioned, we focus on human resources development and have no intentions of diluting our core vision and mission. 

Of course, we do offer our services in interviewing and selecting the right candidates at all levels (See at the bottom of this page, an example of an advertisement released in Times of India, Ascent Page, released on behalf of a client). 

However, we are not a placement agency and do not involve in headhunting 

Q. Do you work only at Ahmedabad?

A. We have our associates at Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. As per the needs of the client, we also travel to conduct our training programs across the globe.

Q. Do you work for industries outside the pharma industry?

A. Although the clientele of 'The Enablers' is majorly from the pharma industry, Mr. A. Srinivasan  has conducted programs for a cross section of other industries in soft-skills, human behavior, communication, team building and transactional analysis. Mr. Srinivasan was a visiting faculty at Baroda Productivity Council and has done a number of programs through them for Gujarat Essar.

Q. Most of the training programs conducted are monologue lectures delivered by the trainers. Is it the same with 'The Enablers'?

A. It is said that when people just listen 95% IS LOST WITHIN A DAY. When they listen and see, the memorability is a bit higher. 

However, when they €˜do and actively participate in the programs, the benefits are the highest. 

All our programs are interactive and not a moment of dullness. Even the post-lunch sessions, which are often considered to be the graveyard of the trainers, are full of life. 

Our programs include management games, video clips, case studies and presentations conducted in a way to ensure that the participants are motivated to carry the learning's to their place of work.  

Q. What kind of training modules do you have?

A. While we have varied modules, we believe in customizing the modules to meet the specific needs of the client.

Q. While you write copy for medico-marketing literature and other sales promotional material, do you also undertake printing jobs?

A. No. We work up to the stage of preparing the final art work and giving it in a compact diskette. We do not undertake printing jobs.

Q. Do you prepare training notes and cycle promotional notes?

A. Yes of course. Mrs. Ameeta Jayakar and Prosenjit Chaudhury are experts in this and have been doing it for over 20 years.

Q. Do you prepare product monographs on new products?

A. Yes! Right from writing the copy to the final design! 

Q. What do you offer to up-start companies?

A. We share our rich experience with those who wish to enter in the evergreen healthcare industry.

For more queries, please do contact us. 

Please do visit the 'Contact Us' page.



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