The Chinese bamboo tree is amazing.

Like any plant, the Chinese bamboo tree too requires nurturing. You take the trouble to create the right environmental conditions for its growth. You give care and attention. You don’t allow the roots to become crowded. 

Yet, in its first year, you see no visible signs of activity. You do not see any growth above the soil. The second year you water it and fertilize it and nothing happens. The third year too you water it and fertilize it and nothing happens. How frustrating! Your patience is tested and you begin to wonder if your efforts nurturing and caring for it will ever be rewarded.

And finally in the fifth year, behold a miracle! You see its growth. And what growth it is! The Chinese bamboo tree grows 80 to 90 feet in just six weeks!

This is also true about brands. Parle-G did not become a strong brand overnight. Neither did Tata or Amul.

But give this story serious thought. Does the Chinese Bamboo Tree really grow 80-90 feet in six weeks? Was it dormant for five years? Little would you know that underground a huge root system and foundation was growing, year after year. It was actually developing a root system strong enough to support its potential for outward growth in the fifth year and beyond.

Brands are not built overnight. A lot of the brands have taken 20 years or even 90 years to earn their status. ‘Brand Nurturing’ is required. You, as the brand manager, have to care for your brand like a living thing. Nurturing is necessary to make sure your brands have strong roots that lead to strong growth.

Keep watering your bamboo tree.

The cover design concept is by Dipti Arts. The inspiration for Edition III comes from my reader Aditya Sedani. 



Preface to Edition II:

The second edition of the book 'WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGER - OVERCOME THE TOUGH CHALLENGES IN PHARMA BRANDING'€™has been inspired by the recent report published by McKinsey & Company: 'India Pharma 2020: Propelling access and acceptance, realizing true potential'.

McKinsey'€™s earlier prediction has turned out to be correct. The new report says that Indian pharmaceutical market will treble by 2020 and has the potential to quadruple. One salient point in this report: "New products will cease to drive growth; existing large brands would need to make up the gap. Metro and Tier-1 markets, which have been growing at 14-15 per cent in the last five years, will drive growth in the industry.  The scale and complexity of the market is increasing as India is moving towards the global top tier",says Palash Mitra, Partner at McKinsey & Company

This McKinsey Report has inspired me to write the second edition.

Three new chapters in Edition II which will specifically address some of the issues raised in this report have been added. 

One is 'The Building Blocks of a Pharma Brand'€™. This will certainly become useful to the young and the veterans alike. 

The second is '€˜Blue Ocean Strategy for Pharma India' which will tell the brand managers how to create an uncontested market space and monopolize it, at least for some time. Brand building has no alternate in Pharma India!

The third is on '€˜Patient-Centric Marketing'€™; the novel way to build a pharma brand. 

Some of the text in the first edition has been made contemporary as change is inevitable. 

So if you are still fighting the pharma marketing war the way World War II was fought, then you must read Edition II of the book.

It is time that pharma marketers in India get out from 1970's mode in pharma marketing. Sadly, the 40-year-old Visual Aid and detailing which are very ineffective still continue to be the primary genre to promote pharma brands in India.

Welcome to the 21st century marketing techniques elaborated in Edition II of the first book in India exclusively for pharma brand managers!

The 2nd Edition of 'WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGER - OVERCOME THE TOUGH CHALLENGES IN PHARMA BRANDING'€™ brings in modern brand building techniques in the three new chapters which have been included in this edition.

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