Academy of Pharmaceutical Leadership was founded on  Ganesh Chaturthi Day 2016.   Vivek  Hattangadi is the founder.

Prof. (Dr.) Suniel Deshpande is an honorary advisor to the Academy of Pharmaceutical Leadership.

Academy of Pharmaceutical Leadership  operates to further the cause of  Good Marketing Practices  and breed  morally upstanding leaders  for the Indian  and Bangladesh  pharmaceutical industry.

In  India, healthcare is perhaps the most notorious and controversial industry. Within the political  and social realms, there is constant discussion on how to eliminate the questionable marketing practices. 

Such practices , more than anything else, have a very bad influence on the youth  and the  next generation.

This is what Academy of Pharmaceutical Leadership has embarked upon as  the  problems due to questionable marketing practices are  critical to our Indian society. 

Academy of Pharmaceutical Leadership desires to cleanse the ihis industry from questionable marketing practices.  

The upcoming 2020-WORLD PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS  DAY is indeed a proof of our principles.  


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