Vivek Hattangadi - From a Medical Representative to a Mentor for the pharmaceutical industry

He started his career as a medical representative. Along with  the team from 'The Enablers', he is now into pharmaceutical brand management consultancy, brand management training, conducting workshops  for brand managers and sales force training. 

During his career spanning over 30 years, he has the rare distinction of working at all levels in sales and brand management – from Medical Representative to Regional Manager (West), Product Manager to Head of Sales and Marketing in top class companies. He had the opportunity to be trained in brand management by a stalwart like Dr. R.B. Smarta and had a mentor like Prof. Tarun Gupta. Besides he has been exposed to brand management training in NMIMS (Mumbai) and ASCI (Hyderabad). Apart from consultancy, he is deeply involved in academics. 

For Vidyasagar University, he has prepared the curriculum for their MBA program in pharma sales and brand management. He is also a visiting faculty and external examiner at many business schools in pharma brand management. 

Besides he has also authored the book which has sold over a 1000 copies in the niche segment of pharma brand management –  'WHAT THE CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGER'

The authors' second book: 'PHARMA FIRST-LINE LEADER TO CEO: THE ROADMAP TO SUCCESS'  has already sold over 3000 copies within a year of its release.

His third book 'TOTAL COMMUNICATION©: THE DNA OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION' was released in April 2016.   

Brand Management

Ameeta Jayakar - Ameeta is a pharmacy graduate from Mumbai. She started her career in pharmaceutical brand management way back in 1988 with Sun Pharma. She has also worked in other leading Indian companies like Khandelwal Laboratories and Glenmark. She has a varied experience in launching products from diverse segments such as anti-fungals, cardiac-care, anticancer, anthelmintics, psychiatry and anti-ulcerants. Very creative in her presentations, she excels in imparting technical inputs during new product launches. Ameeta is well versed in preparing both scientific information and marketing plan for launch of new product. Preparing launch literature and promotional material is her expertise. She has a keen eye on proof reading and takes extreme care even to identify the tiniest of the flaws in the copy and correct them. She has been of tremendous help in the writing of 'WHAT THE CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGER'

Leena Sheth -  Leena is a post graduate in pharmacy with a Diploma in marketing management. She started her career in Core Laboratories and then spent over 20 years in Torrent Pharma in brand management. She has successfully launched many 'first time in India brands' During her tenure in Torrent Pharma she has trained over 2000 medical representatives. She realizes that when a brand is out in the public, it is no longer hers – it belongs to the field-force, and the company and she become servant, caretaker and protector of the brand. She used be continuously in contact with doctors to know how her brand is perceived in the market place,

Radhika Raut-Rane - Radhika did her MBA from Pune. Currently she also handles the marketing aspects of Maple Tree Worldwide, a design agency started by Harish Raut. Harish Raut, along with his mentor Late Ramesh Kulkarni gave shape and form to the first visual aid designed for the pharmaceutical industry, an idea conceived by Prof. Tarun Gupta. Radhika and her team at Maple Tree Worldwide, cull the best visual and idea-centric communication for the pharmaceutical industry. What is the secret behind their creative ideas? They think like a child but have the maturity of an adult. While Harish Raut is the pillar, the team led by Radhika is aware that creativity is not about inventing something totally new, it is about making new and synergistic connections. The creative ideas of Harish and Radhika Raut will give you an incredible competitive edge. 

Prosenjit Chowdhury - He started his career with JB Chemicals as a medical representative and rose from the ranks to head a Glenmark Laboratories (now Marksans). He was trained in brand management in Intas Pharma and later joined Sun Pharma as Group Product Manager and then to Glenmark Labs. He not only has a unique experience i sales and marketing. He was trained in brand management by Prof. Tarun Gupta and mentored by Vivek Hattangadi.

H.K. Pahwa - He started his career with John Wyeth. He moved to Sun Pharma progressed to head the training team at Sun Pharma. He was National Sales Manager with Intas.    He has exposure to the critical vertical of the industry viz. hard core training and  development. As a consequence he emerged as one of the most versatile and enviable pharma professional. He has trained over 5000 field personnel at all levels, both in hard and soft skills.

Mr. H.K. Pahwa and Mr. Prosenjit Chowdhury have also edited the book 'PHARMA FIRST-LINE LEADER TO CEO: THE ROADMAP TO SUCCESS'


The Enablers

We at 'The Enablers' unlock your concealed potential, convert your dormant inherent strength into actuality, leverage your latent energy to achieve your goals and dreams and enable you to emerge as winners!

(A)        Training and developing field managers

Over 90% of the time of a first-line manager is invested in Joint Field Work. This also means that 90% of the financial investment on field managers is on Joint Field Work.  It is during this time that a first-line manager can make or break a company. Our mission is to make sure that this high investment on first-line managers yields exceptional returns. 

But does the first-line manager realize this or does he think that he is a super-medical representative?

Let us read what Tom Peters, the great management guru has to say about the importance of first-line managers.

To enable a company achieve excellence through high performance, we at 'The Enablers' transform first-line managers into strong and effective leaders. Read more about this topic  'Our Services'.

(B)        Training and developing brand managers

Brand managers in the pharmaceutical industry: are they any different?

Being a brand manager in the Indian pharmaceutical industry is a heady task that requires very close attention to small details and a thorough knowledge of how the mind of a prescriber works.

While in the field, the first-line managers have a pride of place in the hierarchy, at the back-office it is the brand managers, who have that task.

We at 'The Enablers' offer consultancy and train the brand managers to:

  • Launch a new product successfully 
  • Develop brand strategies and execute these strategies
  • Build a strong awareness of your brand amongst the medical professionals
  • Position your brand for a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Transform the entire field-force into brand champions
  • Actively manage your brand's equity
  • Know your prescriber's and evolve tactics to meet their needs and desires
  • Develop and execute brand loyalty programs
  • Design and implement plans to create an emotional connection between your brand and the prescriber  
Read more about our competencies in 'Our Services'.

The Enablers Consultancy Services

We specialize in offering consultancy services to start-up pharmaceutical companies and new projects in healthcare. It is our deep involvement in the subject matter of the client, and our passion and drive, which separates us from others. The knowledge we have gained from our experience is turned into a resource to fulfill the ambitions of the budding entrepreneur. 

We successfully worked on a project for a client who has invested over $ 106 millions in one-of-a-kind project, the 14th in the world, and the first in India - an innovative parenteral delivery system.

We enable the budding entrepreneurs to set up a profitable business in the pharmaceutical sector. 

We also provide our expertise and consultancy services to build brands. 

Below is a report in "The Economic Times" of 28th April 2010 from Vivek Hattangadi's speech on the future of brand management during the National Pharmaceutical Symposium organized at Ahmedabad on 27th April 2010. 


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