There's something special about the start of every new marketing year—that act of mentally flipping the calendar that inspires us to do better in the marketing year ahead.

But what does better look like for you? Especially when the year starts with being locked down at home? And when a bleak six months ahead is inevitable? In this very crucial year 2020-2021, how do you make sure your learning goals align with your what you have dreamed?

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Add dedication and self-discipline.

And that’s also what made ‘The Enablers’ a huge success. 

When I started ‘The Enablers’ 16 years ago, on 1st January 2004, it wasn't easy to find the wise counsel and support I needed to expand my vision of what was possible for the work I wanted to do. 

In the end, it was the people I met offline and online from all around India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Africa, who helped me to be audacious and dare to do the things I would never have done without their encouragement.

This book is an an outcome - and I have written 51 LESSONS FROM VIVEK HATTANGADI during the Covid-Lockdown period 

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