Welcome to 'The Enablers'  

Our Mission 

Our mission at 'The Enablers' is to unlock the concealed potential of people in the pharmaceutical industry, convert their dormant inherent strength into reality, leverage their latent energy to achieve their goals and dreams and enable them to emerge as winners!

Our vision

We want to bring about a change in the pharma marketing, away from the corrupt practices now prevailing in the industry. We are striving for brand management which will build trust and bring value that can truly influence health care professionals.We want to influence every brand manager and sales manager in the pharma industry to adopt GOOD MARKETING PRACTICES  

We develop human capital

"To unlearn what you have learnt is the most necessary kind of learning, said the philosopher Antisthenes, many centuries back. This dictum holds good even in the 21st Century. 

We at 
'The Enablers' do not train people - our passion is to develop people. Serving and developing human resources is more important to 'The Enablers' than getting clients. We want to make sure that people take way something valuable and useful for their lives. 

In our workshops, we create an environment conducive to learning. We encourage participants to:

i. Unlearn what is obsolete.

ii. Learn what is contemporary and become futuristic. 

iii. Unlearn and relearn, and again unlearn and relearn. 

When people follow these three steps, the miracle process begins - the process of excelling in whatever they do. And this is exactly what the C-Suite wants. 

With this mission, 'The Enablers' was established in January 2004 by Prof. Vivek Hattangadi. 


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