Welcome to 'The Enablers'  

Our Mission 

Our mission at 'The Enablers' is to unlock the concealed potential of people in the pharmaceutical industry, convert their dormant inherent strength into reality, leverage their latent energy to achieve their goals and dreams and enable them to emerge as winners!

Our vision

We want to bring about a change in the pharma marketing, away from the corrupt practices now prevailing in the industry. We are striving for brand management which will build trust and bring value that can truly influence health care professionals.We want to influence every brand manager and sales manager in the pharma industry to adopt GOOD MARKETING PRACTICES  

We develop human capital.

With this mission, 'The Enablers' was established in January 2004 by Prof. Vivek Hattangadi.

At 'The Enablers'  we do not train people - on the other hand we offer learning solutions.  'The Enablers' method replicates the learning methodology of excellent surgeons - practicing what has been learnt through purposeful activities rather than merely from instructions and observations.

For instance, in the topic of communication, the participants will learn to communicate effectively, using distinct styles with different people - superiors, peers, down-line and various types of customers.  

The participants will further learn:

  • How to withhold his own dignity and that of his profession through body language, posture, tone of voice and the science of proxemics.
  • The participants will learn to communicate on an ˜adult-to-adult platform with doctors, one professional communicating with another, keeping his head high.
  • The participants will learn through ˜theory and ˜practice™ the nuances of body-language, the tone of voice and their body posture, so that even a 30 second call can be impactful and result into a prescription. Clips can be prepared on various subjects and shown. Participants can watch themselves when they are being shot on a handy-cam.

Towards the end of the learning program, participants will truly be rejuvenated.

Like the surgeon who is learning, the participants will get on experience of the actual activities he would be carrying out at the work place.

In the team of 'The Enablers' led by its Chief Mentor Prof. Vivek Hattangadi, are experienced senior consultants and promising youngsters.  

A. A. Srinivasan from Bangalore shares his vast experience in understanding human behavior.   

B. Ameeta Jayakar from Mumbai shares her vast experience in brand management.

C. Young Radhika Raut-Rane from Mumbai under the guidance of her father who gave the first visual aid to the Indian pharma industry, gives shape and form to your brilliant ideas.

D. Prosenjit Chowdhury is a B. Pharm from Birla Institute of Technology (BIT, Mesra). He is an excellent trainer, apart from being a practicing brand manager. He has put in over three decades in this industry. 

E. Leena Sheth M. Pharm. DMM brings her rich experience of over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. She has been a practicing brand manager as well as a sales trainer.

F. The team at 'The Enablers' is growing from strength to strength. Mr. H.K. Pahwa is now in the team. He brings with him his 36 years of experience in companies like John Wyeth (now merged with Pfizer), Sun Pharma and Intas. He is a post graduate in life sciences with post-graduate diploma in marketing. He is a great teacher. His passion is to develop people which fits like a T in the mission and vision of 'The Enablers' 

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