Welcome to 'The Enablers'  

Why was 'The Enablers' set up?

‘The Enablers’ was set up to serve the learning and development needs of the underprivileged pharma workforce in pharma marketing and sales (i.e. those who do not get adequate in-house learning and development support); so they can progress to newer heights in both their professional careers and personal lives.

At 'The Enablers' we dispense enthusiasm. 


Our Mission 

Our mission at 'The Enablers' is to unlock the concealed potential of people in the pharmaceutical industry, convert their dormant inherent strength into reality, leverage their latent energy to achieve their goals and dreams and enable them to emerge as winners!

Our Vision

We want to bring about a change in the pharma marketing. We are striving for brand management which will build trust and bring value to your brand. We want to influence every brand manager and sales manager in the pharma industry to adopt GOOD MARKETING PRACTICES (GMaP)  

We develop human capital


My new book on pharma brand management: 'HOW TO GET DOCTORS ADDICTED TO YOUR BRAND - 13 UNSHAKABLE LAWS OF PHARMA BRANDING' was released by Mr. Sunil Attavar on -WORLD PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS DAY-2019' at a function held at the SIES COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, Navi Mumbai.

Mr. Sunil Attavar has also written the foreword to this book.

In 2017, Vivek Hattangadi was conferred the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his contribution to the Indian pharma industry in the realm of Learning and Development

In 2017, Vivek Hattangadi was conferred with LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his conytibution to the Indian pharma industry in the realm of learning and development

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